October 10, 2008


dog park

Day Five, my final day of unemployment. By now I’ve got a whole system to fill my day, starting with a leisurely hour at a local dog park (photos), followed by some general correspondence and web surfing, pretty soon it is lunch time. SB has been walking home for his lunch break for an hour of hot food and hanging-out. Then on to the afternoon where I can split my time between cleaning and organizing the house, crocheting, watching movies and hanging out with the pets. How did I ever have time for working? How did the pets ever survive without my undivided attention?

If it weren’t for that whole money thing, I’d give this unemployment gig high marks for overall satisfaction. As it is, I’m incredibly happy to be starting my new job. On Sunday I’m flying out to Utah for a week of training and then I’ll be back, working from my home office. (Photos around our new Madison home.)

Thanks for all the comments to my post last month. I’m feeling more settled and less overwhelmed. I did decide to break-down and buy an $800 chair (ouch). I found this office supplier who let me test drive as many chairs as I wanted, bringing each one home for a few days. There was no comparison between the chair I bought and the five others I tested. I’ll give a full review when it arrives in a couple weeks. They have to custom build it for me.

Lola and the car have both recovered from their injuries and the string of catastrophes seems to be behind us. Whew!

Fall is descending here in Wisconsin, bringing crisp mornings and riotous leaves. I can’t get enough of the fresh air and flocks of geese. It still seems unreal that we are back home. I’m looking forward to a few months from now, when I’m comfortably settled into my new job and really ready to dive back into Madison life, just in time for snow.

Now who wants to buy a wonderful bungalow in East Atlanta?


  1. I’ve found such unemployed-style life to be great for the first week, but after that I start getting incredible cabin fever. Yay work?

    Love the dog park pics. We haven’t been in awhile due to the grim approach of winter (earlier sunsets) but I hope to go once or twice this weekend. I might take the dogs to the verona one tomorrow while Jennie is at work.

    Comment by jeff — October 10, 2008 @ 1:27 pm

  2. I can’t wait to hear about your new job. We’ll be headed to Door County in about a week – we might make a detour to Madison en route northwards. I’ll call you because I have to try out that $800 chair! And of course see you and the pets and the house and the SB …

    Comment by rosemarie — October 11, 2008 @ 2:59 pm

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