January 1, 2009

In the path of 08

ko poda

Wow, 2008 was quite a year. It was yet another year of big change and big adventure for me. Can you believe I was standing on the beach above? It all seems unreal as I sit, looking at the snowy, cold Wisconsin winter, one year later. (All links in this post go to my flickr photos.)

Thailand tops my travel list for 08. It was the kind of trip we will be reminiscing about for years to come, remembering the tastes, smells, sounds and of course sights. A trip to epitomize why I love to travel.

Our trip to Thailand was our belated honeymoon and only a couple months later SB and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a long weekend in Savannah and Fort Pulaski. Being married couldn’t be better.

Back home in Atlanta, the next door house had become the set for a reality tv show, I celebrated my rose bounty and we continued to take in the lush offerings of the south: Arabia Mountain and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

We expanded our family in the spring, with the addition of Lola, our puppy. Turning into dog owners has taken us all year and I still feel like such a newbie.

The spring of 08 will also be remembered as the great Atlanta tornado and we were there, in the path. The funnel cloud cut from the CNN building all the way to our back yard, demolishing nearby houses but luckily leaving us and our home unscathed. I never really believed a tornado sounded like a freight train, until I heard it myself.

In July we visited good friends in Albany, NY, with brief stops in NYC and Vermont. Upstate New York made us long for our home state. It was on this trip that SB received a job offer in Madison and big changes were put into motion.

We said good-bye to our dear house, packed up the moving truck and landed back in Madison.

ferry rideIn the fall I discovered the hardships and joys of owning a dog without a yard and toured the local dog parks. Madison makes being a dog owner easy and is one of the many highlights of being back home.

I spent one week jobless, before accepting a position with a Utah company. I would never have guessed on my trip to Utah in March that before the end of the year I would be back, applying for, accepting and training between the mountains and the great salt lake. Now I work from home, with the furriest co-workers.

A year ago I would never have predicted any of the above. 2008 was going to be a quiet year of contemplation and writing, but instead it was a jam packed year of change and excitement. Whew! Who knows what 2009 will bring!

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