February 9, 2009

February party


That whole blogging more plan doesn’t seem to be working out so well. And now it’s already the second month of 09 and where are the blog posts? Where?!?

How’s that whole 2009 year treating me so far, you ask? Cold! Freezing! I’m starting to wonder why we ever said we missed Wisconsin winters. There have been days so cold that our poor dog couldn’t even make it around the block without being carried. Anything colder than minus 20 is simply brutal.

With this prolonged cold I thought it totally reasonable to plan an ice skating party for my 33rd birthday, this past weekend. Of course, that’s the day the weather spun around and produced a total melt down at 50 degrees. I can’t really complain since we have all been desperate for warmer weather. Plus, aren’t parties really about the food?

Pictured above are the pre-dinner snacks, avocado slices on chipotle mayo, homemade tempanade, and cucumber, capers and cream cheese. Having the canapes match the table runner was totally unintentional.

Other than party hosting and keeping warm, in January I finished a sweater and a pair of mittens, traveled to Portland for work and joined a Wii bowling league.

I’m going to look for that blogging wagon and try to climb back on. More soon (I hope).

  • Eating salted avocados with a spoon in Madison.
  • Blogging since 2003.