June 26, 2009

Rolling in summer


After we returned from Atlanta, Madison summer arrived in full with sailing, gardening, bicycling, farmer’s markets and summer dresses. Summer in Madison is the Madison I most missed and now here I am once more.

This year we joined a CSA run by two brothers, who started a potato farm when they were kids. http://www.driftlessorganics.com/ They offer an every other week share, which is just right for the two of us. Our second box comes tomorrow and we just finished eating the first box. Seems to be just the right volume for us. In our first box we got:

  • spinach
  • arugula
  • lettuce
  • green onions
  • green garlic
  • broccoli
  • purple potatoes
  • kohlrabi

We supplemented the share with sugar snaps, cucumber, asparagus and strawberries. All from the market. I made a couple cold salads, one being a kohlrabi, arugula and broccoli slaw and one being a cucumber and sugar snap asian salad. Yum!

Speaking of food at the market, we’ve also been enjoying incredible cheddar from Hook’s http://www.hookscheese.com/. Strangely, we first discovered Hook’s cheddar in Decatur, GA at Sun in My Belly. We loved it, but didn’t realize it was even a Wisconsin cheese. Then we saw their stand at the Farmer’s Market, adding fuel to our list of great Wisconsin things. Try the five year cheddar if you have a chance.

Lola and I have been loving the changing seasons here in Wisconsin. Going to the same dog park every week for a year, has really shown the huge diversity of seasons we have, all of them with their own beauty. It is amazing to stand in the same spot, up to your knees in snow and six months later be up to your knees in flowers. You might just have to take some time to roll around in joy.

Waiting for the sun to shine

I wrote this post on May 29…but for some reason never published it…


Home buyers stay home if it rains in Atlanta. In fact they seem to stay home if there’s even a chance of rain, a hint of rain or seemingly a cloud in the sky. It has been a rainy, cloudy 2009 in fair Atlanta. Mix that with “our current economic situation” and it means the house shopping has been slow, painfully slow.

Being up here in Wisconsin, and wanting so much for our house to sell, I’d started to second guess our decisions. Maybe we were stupid to have bought the house we did, maybe it isn’t as nice as I thought it was, maybe we were totally out of our minds while we lived there….maybe, maybe, maybe…..

After visiting, and staying in our house, I can say, once more with confidence, that our house is fantastic. It is super cute, a great size and layout and in beautiful shape. It is just the house we want, if only we could take it with us. As a neighbor said to us, “You just need to keep the faith.”

I returned from Atlanta with my faith renewed and a restored fortitude to face the fickle home buyers of this summer. It was tremendous fun to see all our friends and family, to stay in our lovely house and to road trip in our new car.

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