September 24, 2009


Have you seen this Cute Overload site? It has saved many of my days from total disaster. When I’m feeling too stressed or blue and I need a happiness injection, I turn to the cuteness. I know logically that this site is ridiculous, but still it makes me smile every time. It is all the animal cuteness that you could want without any commitment or guilt (aka PetFinder).

Speaking of cuteness, earlier this week, as I was working in my home office, I saw something moving at the edge of my vision. My first thought was cockroach. It’s been a year since we left Georgia and I still think that any moderate size, dark, moving thing is a giant roach. Ick.

I turned to look at it, as the thing scurried back to cover. Furry, gray, Mouse! Over the next two hours, it tried many times to run out into the center of the room, only to be scared back to the corner by my stomping feet. Meanwhile, my always vigilant, giant eared, rat catcher dog, continued to nap. I poked at the dog and pointed at the mouse, nothing. Nothing!

I’ve long given up hope that my cat is ever going to be a mouse catcher but I had high expectations for the dog. What good are these pets if they can’t keep away the vermin? I don’t know why there was a mouse up on the second floor, far away from any food source. We haven’t noticed any mice action anywhere else. I’ve decided it was just passing through, checking on warm, dry housing options for the coming winter. Is it really time for the traps and poison? Ugh. And why must mice be so cute?

Baby blanket mania

This summer I undertook three baby blankets. I missed the deadlines (birth dates) on all three and so far have only completed one. I blame my poor timeliness on two factors: my inability to order the right amount of yarn and my new plan to make all baby blankets in adult throw sizes, which means somewhere around 3 feet by 4 feet. That’s 36 square feet of stitches!

I’m really happy with how the first one turned out, the green one below. All three use the same super-wash merino wool from Knit Picks. I love the saturated colors that this yarn comes in and I also think super-wash merino is fantastic. I just need to keep on knitting and knitting and knitting.

OpArt Green

OpArt Brown

Argyle Blue

September 23, 2009

What now?

portland rose

Now that I’ve driven away the few followers of this blog by posting only five (5!) times in all of 2009, I’m back. Sorry for the extended silence.

At the beginning of August our house in Atlanta finally sold. Yay! There’s no longer a constant, house size weight bearing down on me everyday. I can once more think about other things and really start living the life I have here in Madison. We lost a bit of money in the whole deal, which will take a while to recover from, but at least there is a true end in sight and it is now within our control.

So what now?

To start with, I bought a new camera. It arrived yesterday and I’m just starting to explore all the cool things I can do with it. Over the next while I plan to post more photos and blog more about normal life.

camera manual

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