November 13, 2009

Graphic Info.

Trillions from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.

As part of that stuff I get paid to do, I think about the visual presentation of information every day. This week I ran into a couple amazing examples of information graphics. One is the video above from Maya Research. I really appreciate the clean, simple way that they explain the complex topic of trillions. Their other videos are worth a watch too.


The second example caught my attention because it is a topic I’ve thought a lot about, the web trends for Nicholas Feltron had a project to graph the growth of over the lifespan of the web site. You can see his graphic and read more here. I like the depth and scope of this project and his overall approach to handling a large volume of data. The Feltron blog also contains a collection of other fun info. graphics. (Thanks SB).

November 12, 2009

Sailing Time Capsule

soma sail

Sometime between 03 and 05, I bought a disposable camera and tucked it into my sailing life jacket. I would pull it out every once-in-a-while and shoot a picture or two. In 2005, I packed away my sailing gear and headed to Atlanta. The camera, safely zipped into my jacket, was there, waiting for me when I returned to Madison and sailing. Over this past summer, I finished off the roll and two years after the film expiration date, I developed it.

The results are everything I hoped for, from the over-saturated colors to the capture of forgotten moments from some unknown point in my past. The best discovery was all the wonderful people I had captured, all on a boat that I love. You can see more of the photos in my sailing photo set.

SB and JOpp
November 11, 2009

Birthday Galette

apple galette

For SB’s birthday this year he requested, not cake, not something frosted, but a simple, rustic apple galette. I started making galette’s after getting a copy of Deborah Madison’s “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone”. A galette is basically a free form pie and can be filled with just about anything from sweet to savory and can be made in different sizes, thus the free form bit. I’ve become a big fan and have been surprised at how easy and impressive they are.

To make it more than just your ordinary galette, I started with cortland apples purchased that morning at the farmer’s market and threw in some dried cherries, to give it a little diversity. Then to further add decadence I made my own caramel sauce for the first time. I didn’t realize caramel making was such an explosive, steamy process and so much fun. Finally I served the galette with a scoop of Haagen Daz five, this new line that only contains five ingredients.

For inspiration I combined Deborah Madison’s recipe with this epicurious recipe, Rustic Apple and Dried Cherry Galette. It was a huge success and something I will make again, though I still did miss some birthday frosting.

November 4, 2009

Moving pictures

More from Zion. My new camera takes nice video, so I tried to remember to shoot some “reel” while I was National Parking. Here are a couple shorts:

Zion Waters above and Zion Rim Tunnel below

November 3, 2009

Strange and Beautiful


Utah is other worldly. From the cold, dry air to the strange, martian landscape, Utah surprises me every time. In four days we went from four thousand to ten thousand feet and back, more than once, and experienced warm fall to the depths of snowy winter.

The trip started with a jaunt to Antelope State Park, an island in the Great Salt Lake, where buffalo roam free. Then it was on the highway south to Zion National Park, a truly great canyon, the definition of majestic. The next day Bryce Canyon National Park tested our National Park endurance, one park a day is a little too much. At first the intense density of formations made it difficult for me to really see the beauty, but once we were down in the canyon, I began to understand the appeal.

We had planned to head on from Bryce Canyon, into the Escalante National Monument area in south central Utah, but a huge winter storm descended on us, with predictions of 28 inches of snow in the southern mountains. Instead of spending a day driving along scenic vistas, we headed back north and bunkered down in Park City for two days. There are worse places to wait out a snow storm than in a fancy condo, bigger than our apartment, in a trendy ski town. Somehow we survived. Then, sadly, it was time to head home.

I’m already planning our next trip to Utah. We’d like to go back to Zion and hike the narrows. On the hike you spend a fair amount of time in the river, going up the ever narrowing canyon. Then it would be on to Escalante and finally Moab and Arches National Park. Ofcourse, nearby is also the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde in Colorado. Really, I think I need three more vacations to see it all.

(The photo above is from Bryce Canyon, and below, in order, Zion and the Salt Lake. You can see many more photos in my Utah Collection.)

salt lake
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