December 1, 2009

Thanks Given

I’ve often been asked what the heck I eat for Thanksgiving, as if being a vegetarian means that without Turkey I will have nothing. This year we hosted dinner for four at our apartment and somehow I found a few things to make. In the photo above, going clockwise from the biscuit:
1. Baking powder biscuits, made with butter.
2. Mashed sweet potatoes with orange juice, nutmeg and butter (CSA)
3. Homemade cranberry sauce by SB with local cranberries
4. Coleslaw with California Dates by my Mom
5. Classic stuff or dressing from the bag, gussied up with veggie soup stock, apples and onions
6. Beet loaf with red wine, bulgar wheat and almonds (CSA)
7. Mashed potatoes with seasoning and butter (CSA)
8. (On the side) Cashew gravy with cashews, soy sauce, corn startch, and poultry seasoning
9. (Not pictured) Pumpkin cheesecake bars by SB and soooo good

The beet loaf was a new experiment this year, based on a Mark Bitman recipe. While I thought it was good and it received praise, I think it will be better as burgers rather than in loaf form. It also just wasn’t quite the harmonious loaf item that I wanted it to be. Next year I will try a different recipe, something with brown rice. Speaking of next year, I also want to try making my own dressing, maybe with chetnuts (a la Jeff), rather than buying the bag. I admit, bagged stuffing does have a soft spot in my food loves, much like boxed mac-n-cheese.

Another great vegetarian Thanksgiving. There’s plenty to be thankful for in that.


  1. Yay chestnuts! They were good, but kind of fussy to shell. I need to use my knife a bit more – I got a cut or two under my fingernails while taking the shells off.

    I can send along my dressing recipes if you want – they’re pretty vegetarian friendly (just replace the chicken stock with veggie stock). Let me know!

    Comment by Jeff — December 1, 2009 @ 11:35 pm

  2. I’m glad you found a loaf recipe! The combination of ingredients intrigues me and I’d love to try my hand at the beet loaf. Could you maybe pass on the recipe?

    Comment by Maureen — December 2, 2009 @ 11:06 am

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