December 8, 2009


Argyle Blanket

For my ninth knitting project I wanted a preppy design in a masculine color palette, something that would age well as the intended recipient grew-up. I think I succeeded with this diamonds on diamonds pattern in navy and gray. It also turned out huge! It is about 3′ x 5′ of fantastic superwash merino wool. This pattern had a stitch guide that I had to refer to for all fifteen square feet of knitting. It took me forever and has already logged a ton of miles, flying with me to Oregon and Utah.

Which all brings me to the rub. I’ve grown attached you see. This seemingly simple pattern was actually a ton of work and I’m so happy with the results. I don’t know if anyone but me will appreciate the hours and hours that went into this thing. But can I just keep it?

It wasn’t for any specific event, just a nice, good will present to be given at no particular time. I could always make another blanket, maybe something I’m less attached to? But then I don’t really need another throw and I was intending it to be a gift. Will it be more satisfying to give it away or to snuggle under it myself?


  1. Keep it!

    Or give it to another yarnmaven. Someone that knows the effort it takes, or someone that can appreciate it.

    Not me though, 3×5 will only just cover my legs ;)

    Comment by Pat — December 8, 2009 @ 10:03 am

  2. This is beautiful! I can truly appreciate the work you did – so talented!

    Comment by rosie — December 8, 2009 @ 11:12 am

  3. I know how you feel M. I started a cross stitch blanket 3 years ago when we visited you in Georgia. I finally finished it this last Thanksgiving and now I’m rather attached to it because of the hours and hours that I put into it. The only catch is that it is a baby blanket with really cute bears on it. No children planned in my future, so, do I give it to my sister who just had a baby, or keep it for the next baby to come along (they would have to be a very special baby though). P tells me that I can always make a new one for the next baby. But the TIME, and effort…

    Comment by Shann — December 8, 2009 @ 3:19 pm

  4. Having just spent a weekend among Buddhists, my advice is to resist attachment, give it away, and be generous. The residual catholic in me also suggests giving it away too because however much you may enjoy snuggling underneath it, won’t you always feel a pang of guilt that you kept it?

    So what will project 10 be?

    Comment by M. — December 9, 2009 @ 3:26 am

  5. how beautiful and cozy. great work!
    it sounds like it means a lot to you, all those fond memories knitting away! so I’d say keep it ;)

    Comment by Arielle — December 9, 2009 @ 11:06 am

  6. What beautiful stitchery. Keep it! or, give it to someone you’ll see often enough to visit, you know – have some tea, and maybe even share the blanket for awhile. :) That’s what I’d to – so I could feel it, admire it, and remember how it felt as the rows slowly turned off the needles.

    Comment by Eric — December 17, 2009 @ 4:50 pm

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