June 30, 2010

Deep into summer

dog park time

I was reminded this morning that the image I’ve left “all” my blog readers with is poor Miss Lola in her collar. How unfair! Lola recovered in about a month and thankfully did not go so stir crazy that drugs were needed. She’s now back in top form, running through the dog fields and rolling in the deep summer grass.

In other doggy news, since moving to Madison we’ve struggled to find the right dog sitting option for our special needs dog. We had been using a good kennel outside of town but it is heart breaking to take our fear stricken Lola back to a little cage and then frolic off on vacation with this sad image in our minds. No longer! A young woman from Lola’s day care has developed a crazy crush on Miss Lola and suggested we leave Lola with her. We tried it out a couple weeks ago. The woman said dog sitting Lola was “a dream come true”! When we picked Lola up at the end of a long weekend, Lola was completely integrated into this woman’s world, running with her pack of dogs. There was happiness all around. I am so happy we found such a good place to leave our dog. This is going to make vacations even better!

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