February 11, 2011

Living Mobile

Living Mobile

For years I’ve admired these simple glass “vases” from CB2 but being practical and trying to be frugal, I never bought them for myself. This Christmas they were under the tree, complete with flowering air plants and a little dirt for grounding, all from SB.

We talked about where and how to hang them and I learned that air plants, Epiphytes, don’t like direct sunlight. Not only do they not need dirt or very much water, they don’t want too much sun either. They define low maintenance.

After carrying them all over the house, I decided they needed to become part of a mobile. With the mobile expertise of my mother, the vases, plus a clear glass fish “vase” are now mobilized and hanging in the corner of our living room. I used bent coat hangers for the rods and clear fishing wire for the lines. Photo of complete mobile

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