February 23, 2011

Around Town

Frozen Wubba

For 2011 I vowed to see live music at least once per month. Before I met SB I loved going to shows and seemed to always know who was coming to town and what shows were must sees. SB and I went to many of the same shows before we even knew the other person existed. I like to think of he and I, at the Barrymore, oblivious to each other but still together. Maybe I’ve been watching too many romantic comedies…

As February closes its blustery doors, we’ve been to two shows, Ben Folds at the Overture in January and Tennis at the High Noon this week. One show was all reality tv tie-ins and piano destruction and the other was all indie kids and understated sounds. I enjoyed them both a ton and am so excited to continue the reintroduction.

In other around the town happenings, I got to be a food critic for a night, when I joined Madison A to Z at Los Gemelos for some darn good Mexican fare. Read the review Reviewing food is tricky, subjective and can be easily influenced by good company but it is sure fun to sit around and talk about food.

Finally, while the whole state protested this past weekend, I entertained out-of-town guests with great local food and a zoo trip with close tiger encounters and sparring giraffes. I pretended to be on vacation with friends who actually were and found distraction from the politics.

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