June 15, 2011

First 2011 CSA Box

Green Onion

An new season of CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) boxes has just begun. We get a box full of organic veggies every two weeks, straight from a local farmer. This week was our first box of 2011 and included:
– Asparagus
– Asian greens mix
– Baby Broccoli
– Collard Greens
– Green Garlic
– Parsnips
– Pea Vine
– Radishes
– Spinach
– Thyme
– Tsoi-Sim
– Yellow Potatoes

The trickiest items in the box are the Asian greens and the Tsoi-Sim, which is a specific type of Asian green. The CSA suggests a stir-fry but that seems a little boring. According to this Saveur article, pea shoots (vine) are also part of the Asian mix.

Maybe I will try this Grilled Tofu and Sauteed Asian Greens recipe from Epicurious. Any other suggestions for creative ways to prepare these greens?

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  1. First off, let me say that our CSA pick up isn’t until the end of the month. Why are we always the last? Done bit$#ing.

    We get a lot of Asian Greens too in our share. I’m trying to think what I did with them because I didn’t do anything fancy (or follow a recipe). I think I just sauteed them and put them in a quesadilla (I was a on a quesadilla kick last summer).

    Comment by Rosemarie — June 20, 2011 @ 4:01 pm

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