October 30, 2011

Working Vacation

Exterior Color Samples

Instead of a traveling adventure this fall, we are embarking on an expedition of home improvement. The garage siding is literally crumbling off the garage, like rotting paper. Starting today and through this week of vacation, we will be tearing it all off and replacing it with fiber cement siding. Then comes the fun part, instead of sticking with the white on white on white of our house, it is time for some more color.

The third blue from the left, “Mood Indigo” has come out the winner. That will be the main color and the trim will be white. Next spring we will bring the blue color onto our house by painting the trim and shutters the same Indigo. It would be lovely to paint our whole house that color, but we have 30-year-old white vinyl. I read that painting light colored vinyl a dark color can cause it to warp and deform, plus then suddenly the siding would go from no maintenance to high maintenance.

In addition to the siding project, SB is out in the yard right now, digging a trench for a french drain. Last spring we had some water in our basement because of poor drainage in our side yard and this may solve the leaky basement problem. We saved all the gravel from our front hedge and will be using that to build out the drain.

It may not be Paris but the drain is French. I’m still calling it a vacation.

French Drain

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