February 6, 2012

Furniture Itch


A couple weeks ago I decided that I couldn’t stand our couch for another day. Not only that, but we also needed to get additional seating, a nice love seat let’s say, to round out our living room furniture. This led to weeks of obsession, searching websites, visiting local stores and basically doing a lot of hand-wringing.

The more I looked, the more I liked our current couch. It is just the right size for our narrow living room, such a nice color and the right mid-mod period. Maybe I can live with the couch, but what about a love seat? I keep coming back to this ridiculously over-priced, tiny sofa, from DWR, the Poet Sofa. It is just lovely and comfortable, and the right size to add couple more seats to the room but no way am I ever getting that couch.

After careful measuring, I determined that the ideal love seat for us would be 60 inches long. In looking at some of my other favorite furniture makers, like Gus and Thrive, I discovered that modern sofas are hardly ever made in the 60 inch range. Chairs get as wide as 40 and sofas get as narrow as 76. Can you hear the sighing, the exasperation? Was there no solution???

I went back to a broader search and found a new term for love seat, “settee”. Presto! A settee is a small couch with most being around 60 inches. Why these aren’t love seats or sofas is still a mystery. Right now my top pick Settee is the Elton from West Elm. I’d get it in yellow velvet. Ofcourse, I still need to try sitting on it first, which means a trip to Chicago. There is no instant gratification for the furniture shopper.

Just finding a potential solution has calmed my obsession for now. Last week, in the very depths of the search I started to wonder if I had a problem, a furniture obsession problem. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, searching for an answer. SB pointed out that this happens to me every year and every year it ends when a new piece of furniture arrives in our home. I begin to grumble about this or that furniture need around January and by April I’ve purchased something. At first I denied that this is my pattern, but looking back through the blog proved SB right. Maybe this is my cabin fever, the furniture itch.

I did end-up buying a couple items for the living room last week… More on that soon.


  1. Come to Chicago!!

    Comment by Robin — February 7, 2012 @ 6:22 pm

  2. This post made me laugh – it’s just so you (in a good way!). And I love that couch so I’m glad you decided to keep it. And you just love finding reasons to come to visit us, right? ;)

    Comment by Rosemarie — February 7, 2012 @ 9:42 pm

  3. It is always fun to come to Chicago and it has been way too long. I will have to plan something soon…

    Comment by Avocados — February 7, 2012 @ 10:48 pm

  4. It’s the birthday couch fever. Happy day! DWR…of lottery winners? We have those nasty dogs, and therefore, can’t have anything nice. Happy shopping!

    Comment by Steph — February 8, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

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