February 27, 2012

Knitting for myself

Chunky Cowl over shoulders

After last year’s epic blanket challenge, where I knit eight gift blankets, I decided it was time to focus my knitting and crafting on me. While I’ve been busy knitting away, I haven’t been keeping up with sharing my finished wares. This post is a bit of a recap of finished projects from this fall and winter.

My first two projects are pictured above. The chunky cowl is a mobius strip, which means it forms a complete circle, but with a twist, so if you follow the outer edge you circumvent both sides before returning to your starting spot. To knit, you work from the center outwards. The whole time I knit I was continually amazed by the geometry of the shape. The yarn came from a single sheep, Jeffery, who has started to go a little grey as he’s aged. I wasn’t sure how often I would use a cowl, but so far it has added extra warmth on cold winter days in my office.

The cable hat was also made from locally produced and dyed yarn. Both the cowl and hat yarn were purchased at the Jefferson Sheep and Wool festival in the fall. I love the color of this hat and it has been my go-to hat since finishing it. To complement the hat I needed a new scarf and found this olive green yarn on-line. The yarn is super soft and the scarf finished at a nice length.

Tipsy Scarf

In addition to the mobius chunky cowl, my work days are warmer now that I have my first pair of fingerless gloves. These gloves are made from left-over yarn and really do take out the chill. I also finished a couple larger projects, but I think they deserve their own post.

Fingerless Glove

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