March 21, 2012


Nine Buttons

Nine years ago today, I started blogging. In those many years I’ve ebbed and flowed with my words and images, sometimes feeling more inspired than others. One thing that has remained constant is how blogging has given me a reason to write, goaded and stretched and reminded me of the art of composing words. When I started, blogging was so trendy, so cutting-edge, now it is seen by many as washed-up, too wordy and something undertaken by women with cats. Others have moved on to twitter or tumblr or even solely facebook.

The beauty of my personal blog is that it lives on my domain, on a site I created and designed. It isn’t hosted by a company that wants to sell ads to my friends. There is no hidden agenda of commerce here. I create and own the content, the site, the space and I keep it open for anyone who wants to stop in. I guess that is a little old-school.

After all these years, I continue to be surprised and flattered when various friends mention something from these pages. It is a true compliment to have readers. Thank you.

2012 Music Count
March: Caravan of Thieves and David Wax Museum at High Noon
March Bonus: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at Wisconsin Union Theater
February: Ghost Town Council at High Noon
January: Polica at High Noon, part of the FRZN Festival

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  1. I agree – I love the art of blogging and sharing. It’s so much more personal than the braggy one liners of facebook and twitter.

    Comment by Rosemarie — April 12, 2012 @ 2:43 pm

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