March 5, 2014

Deconstruction Treasures – The Great Kitchen Remodel


Now entering the destruction zone, also known as the zone of discovery. The kitchen remodel has reached the no-going-back stage. The old cabinets and appliances are mostly out, with the exception of the stove and sink. The new cabinets will be arriving in five weeks. As the old has been removed, we’ve found some special treasures:

1920’s wallpaper with scenes of horse drawn carriages, ships and pastoral strolls complete with happy dogs, all on a green background from the Sanitas wallpaper company. This seems to have been the original wall covering for the top half of the walls.

1920s Sanitas

1960’s boot creme, a partially used jar of Cavalier boot creme in black. Someone’s boots were sad that this went missing.

boot creme

1980’s Imitation Margarine lid advertising the contents to be made from liquid corn oil. I’ll stick with butter.

imitation margarine

A milk delivery door, demonstrating that our house was designed for all the modern conveniences. We knew we had a phone nook and a mail delivery slot but the milk door was a new surprise. It looks like the milk was delivered right into a lower cabinet, since the walls around the door have never been painted.

milk delivery

Finally, with no photo to show, I found one little petrified mouse corpse, tucked in a little mouse nest made from the society pages of a newspaper from 1964. The social scene of Madison was at least favored by mice.

Tonight the deconstruction continues as we remove the plaster from half the walls to allow the electrician access and also to create a smooth surface for new tile. The drywall crew arrives in two weeks. It is nice to know the dust and chaos have an end date.

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