January 10, 2016

A Great Kitchen – The Great Kitchen Remodel

Finished layout

After many months of using and loving the new kitchen, I’ve stopped thinking of my kitchen as a small kitchen and simply think of it as a perfect kitchen. There always seems to be the right amount of counter space, even when SB and I are cooking together, something that could never happen in the old kitchen. The drawers and cabinets are never over full, making it feel rich with storage space.

I love all the white with navy blue and the warm wood floors. I love the heat vent that blows across my toes as I stand at the sink. I love the classic tile pattern with soldiers and molding. I still get joy from the splash of warm maple on the inside of the cabinets and the theater lighting inside the oven.

Finished prep wall and sink

All the stress and decisions and self-doubt have faded away. I’m proud of our kitchen, of our design decisions, and of the fact that we paid for it all with cash and our own hard work.

The only regrets and lessons learned concern the floor finish and the grout color. If we had it all to do over again I would have hired a different company to refinish the hardwood floors so that the floors matched the dining room in color and gloss. For the grout, we had narrowed the grout colors down to two grays, one warm and one cool. We went with the warm gray and now we both agree that the cool gray would have been better. But these are small concerns, hardly to be noticed by anyone, even me.

Finished tile wall

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  1. How nice to hear about the joy you get from your daily interaction with the space you designed! I can’t wait to see the new bathroom.

    Comment by Arielle — January 10, 2016 @ 8:39 pm

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