January 12, 2016

Beginnings – The Family Bath Remodel

Emerald House BEFORE

Soon after completing the kitchen I started plotting a full remodel of our upstairs bathroom. The photo above is from the realty listing for our house, when college kids lived here. Looking at that photo I’m surprised we bought this house and then we lived with the above bathroom for the past five years.

Things I loved to hate about the bathroom:
– The eye popping retro wall paper, peeling in the corners, with a little mold for effect.
– The fake, printed, wood paneling that even covered the real wood door.
– The tiny, leaking cast-iron bathtub, not fit for showering or bathing.
– The hardwood floors, with water stains.
– The leaky, rotting window, centered in the wall.
– The rusty, dirty medicine cabinet with a rusty light fixture above.
– The ridiculously long time it took to get hot water in the sink.

Things I loved to love about the bathroom:
– Having a bathroom upstairs.
– The little shelf above the paneling that ran around the room.
– The basic layout of the space.
– The retro sink, though not the tiny space it left for resting a toothbrush.

I dreamed of paying a talented team of experts to come in and give us a wonderful bathroom, but when the general contractor quotes came rolling-in, that dream stopped at my tightly held purse strings.

Instead, SB and I have been slowly progressing through the remodel on our own, with some help from a few tradesmen. It has taken longer and been more stressful than shopping it out, but I think the end result will be exactly what we want. Now we just have to see it through.

Original Bathroom South West Corner

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  1. I never saw the back of the door before! That is really interesting! They wanted to make it look like a cabin in the woods!

    Comment by Carol — January 13, 2016 @ 9:10 am

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