June 30, 2010

Deep into summer

dog park time

I was reminded this morning that the image I’ve left “all” my blog readers with is poor Miss Lola in her collar. How unfair! Lola recovered in about a month and thankfully did not go so stir crazy that drugs were needed. She’s now back in top form, running through the dog fields and rolling in the deep summer grass.

In other doggy news, since moving to Madison we’ve struggled to find the right dog sitting option for our special needs dog. We had been using a good kennel outside of town but it is heart breaking to take our fear stricken Lola back to a little cage and then frolic off on vacation with this sad image in our minds. No longer! A young woman from Lola’s day care has developed a crazy crush on Miss Lola and suggested we leave Lola with her. We tried it out a couple weeks ago. The woman said dog sitting Lola was “a dream come true”! When we picked Lola up at the end of a long weekend, Lola was completely integrated into this woman’s world, running with her pack of dogs. There was happiness all around. I am so happy we found such a good place to leave our dog. This is going to make vacations even better!

March 26, 2010


elizabethan lola

Miss Lola had an accident this week at the dog park while racing down a hillside at top speed. When she came to a screeching halt for no reason it wasn’t apparent at first that she’d been stabbed through her chest skin by something very sharp. When she came limping back to us we noticed the two inch tear exposing her tough muscle. I grabbed her in my arms, SB ran for the car and it was off to the emergency room for eight staples, pain killer and an Elizabethan Collar.

Now she’s on two weeks rest with absolutely no running. So far she has mostly slept but I fear next week I will not have it so easy. Lola gets a good amount of running practically everyday, just to take the edge off her energy. Without the exercise she may drive me out of the house or we both may need sedation.

In other news of the month, we are trying to buy a house in our neighborhood, right around the corner from where we live now. I know a month ago I had sworn off house buying for at least another year, but it is an obsession and when this house came on the market we couldn’t just walk on by. So, we have an accepted offer and the inspection is done. We are just starting the remediation phase of the negotiation. If all goes well, we will close in early June which is very pleasant time to move. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it in the coming weeks.

Finally, I completed my first two cable knit projects and I learned that cabling is easy and also that working with super chunky yarn makes it all go fast. I’ll have to wait until next winter to really enjoy this set.

super chunk
September 24, 2009


Have you seen this Cute Overload site? It has saved many of my days from total disaster. When I’m feeling too stressed or blue and I need a happiness injection, I turn to the cuteness. I know logically that this site is ridiculous, but still it makes me smile every time. It is all the animal cuteness that you could want without any commitment or guilt (aka PetFinder).

Speaking of cuteness, earlier this week, as I was working in my home office, I saw something moving at the edge of my vision. My first thought was cockroach. It’s been a year since we left Georgia and I still think that any moderate size, dark, moving thing is a giant roach. Ick.

I turned to look at it, as the thing scurried back to cover. Furry, gray, Mouse! Over the next two hours, it tried many times to run out into the center of the room, only to be scared back to the corner by my stomping feet. Meanwhile, my always vigilant, giant eared, rat catcher dog, continued to nap. I poked at the dog and pointed at the mouse, nothing. Nothing!

I’ve long given up hope that my cat is ever going to be a mouse catcher but I had high expectations for the dog. What good are these pets if they can’t keep away the vermin? I don’t know why there was a mouse up on the second floor, far away from any food source. We haven’t noticed any mice action anywhere else. I’ve decided it was just passing through, checking on warm, dry housing options for the coming winter. Is it really time for the traps and poison? Ugh. And why must mice be so cute?

May 22, 2008

My two girls


It’s been one month since we brought home the puppy. There have been hours and days when I can’t believe I ever thought this was going to be a good idea and I wondered if getting a puppy had ruined the careful, happy balance of our lives. But those moments of doubt are getting fewer, to be replaced by gushing love for this happy little creature sharing our home.

What about the cat? The princess, as she’s known to many, does not like the dog. She does not appreciate Lola being inside her home. She does not approve of my decision to let this creature in or of my relationship with said interloper. On every opportunity she raises her little fist and shakes it at the dog, always from a safe distance, preferably from the other side of a baby gate.

Still the cat will not strike the dog and put the dog in her place. The dog continues to try to win the cat over, bringing Zoe her favorite toys to set before her feet and making all the different cooing noises she knows, while the cat growls and hisses.

For all the cat’s complaining, she will now only drink water from the dog’s bowl and her face betrays her entertainment at monitoring the dog.

I hope someday that both my girls can sit peaceably in the living room with me. For now, I spend my time rotating pets. When the dog is outside the cat is by my side, when the dog is inside she is always near me while the cat retreats to her room. I am left in perpetual guilt because the dog is outside or the cat is sulking.

Still, I tell myself, the cat will recover, its only been one month and the dog, she’s amazing, smart, sweet and gentle. She’s still a puppy but she’s trying so hard and learning so fast.

April 21, 2008

Lola day one


Sunday started out sleep deprived and grumpy. I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, after all the excitement of getting our new dog and knowing she was out in the other room. We have decided to crate train her so she was spending the night in her crate in our office area, being very quiet, which just left me in bed wondering how she was doing.

I got up at 3am and SB at 7 to take her outside where she would promptly sit down and look expectantly up at us while not producing any deposits for our thirsty yard.

When we got up for the day Zoe came out to the office, rounding the corner in obvious hopes that the dog would be gone, only to find Lola sitting in her crate. Zoe hissed and ran off. This set the tone for the day. Zoe would make drive by hisses at the dog and then run back to “her” room and the dog would sit quietly wondering what was going on.

The cat proceeded to eat the dog’s food and drink the dog’s water while Lola spent the day not eating or drinking much of anything. We invited our friends who also have a new puppy over to help Lola feel more comfortable. They got along great, with much puppy tumbling, water drinking and snack eating. After the puppy visit Lola took a long nap in her new bed and was starting to feel more comfortable and adventurous.

Then it was time to load her in the car, which she loved, and take her back to the rescue organization. First thing this morning she was off to the vet to be spayed and micro-chipped. Tonight we will get her back, much to the disappointment of Zoe, who has been happily prancing the puppy free house.

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